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Our Story

Holger Graf earned his Ph.D. in structural engineering from his studies in Germany, while Daniel Lantz let fate lead him to grow deep roots in the shokunin world of Japan. Truly at the intersection of opposites, they came together in Los Angeles to create Graf Lantz.

With distinct and often contradictory points of view, they started by toying with designs in a rich but largely forgotten textile, Merino wool felt. Together Holger and Daniel set out to sculpt the world’s oldest fabric into modern and unexpected forms, crafting a definitive collection of handbags, accessories, and home ware items that have captured the attention of urbanites worldwide.

Today, Graf Lantz has transcended its artistry in felt with explorations in colorful and modern mixtures of leathers and 24oz canvas. As they continue venturing into new design territories, their unique, non-status quo look is always present in every piece expressing simple lines, unorthodox textures, timeless looks, and visible quality. Everything they do is built to last years and age gracefully. For Holger and Daniel, every piece that leaves the Silver Lake factory becomes part of another person’s story. It’s a big responsibility. The satisfaction of getting it right drives the company.

The Process

Graf Lantz is one of the rare vertically integrated LA-based bag and accessories design companies to expand and fiercely maintain its manufacturing in Los Angeles while keeping prices competitive without sacrificing quality and materials.

For Holger and Daniel, creating their own factory was never the goal, it was just the only way to the quality they're willing to put their name on. That strategy continues to pay off for Graf Lantz as the company, the reputation, and the demand for their products continue to grow.